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IELTS Listening Computer-delivered Multiple Choice Simulation

We provide test and test question simulations that are just like the official computer-based IELTS test – Exclusively available on IELTStestsimulation.com – as an app for Windows, in two versions based on screen resolutions: 1280x1024 & 1024x768, so you can choose to download the version that fits your screen resolution.

Multiple Choice Question Type:

  • While listening to the audio recording, there will be a part for listening multiple-choice questions. The multiple-choice questions are of two types:
  • Multiple choice questions with one answer.
  • Multiple choice question with two or more answers.
  • [There are questions that have one or more answers, for those type of questions, you would have to listen keenly to identify all the answers from the options given.]
  • You will hear all the options that are given to you in the question. You would have to listen to the audio and interpret the answer from what is asked in the question.
  • Sometimes, the answer options might be of the same kind to confuse you. For instance, it might all be in the form of dates ( 15 November, 17 November or 18 November). You would have to read the question and choose the correct answer.
  • The words used in the question might not be the exact words that you hear in the audio recording. So, you’d have to pay attention to synonyms and how the words are paraphrased.
  • The information provided in the audio recording might not be in the same order as the questions asked, so in order to answer the questions correctly, you should have read the questions beforehand to be aware of what is being asked.
  • There would be a lot of distractors in the audio recording. There would be a lot of similar kind of information. Sometimes, the speaker might give us any information and then change it which might be the correct answer. So, do not rush and write down the answer as soon as you hear it.

Multiple choice Simulation Download
Screen resolution: 1280*1024 for Windows System
Screen resolution: 1024*768 for Windows System


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