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IELTS Collocations

ask for advice

to ask sb about what you should do or how you should act in a particular situation.
ask for directions

to ask sb to show you the way to a particular place.
attend classes

to go regularly to classes.
attract attention

to make sb notice you or sth
bachelor's degree

the first degree that you get when you finish a 4-year course at a college or university.
back pay

money that is owed to an employee in the past but that has not been paid yet.
back road

a small road that is away from any main roads and does not have much traffic on it.
back street

a street that's away from any main streets or business areas of a town or a city.
back taxes

taxes that haven't been paid when they were due.
back garden

a garden which is located at the rear of the house.



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