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IELTS Collocations

call a strike

to ask workers to protest by refusing to work because of an argument with an employer about pay levels, working conditions, or job losses.
call an election

to decide to hold an election in which people vote for sb for a position, especially a political position.
call/phone in sick

to telephone somebody at your place of work to tell them you're not coming to work because you're ill.
call attention to sb or sth

to cause people to notice or observe sth or sb.
call sb names

to call sb by an abusive or offensive name; to use rude or insulting words to describe sb
call sb 's name

to say sb's name loudly
can't afford

if you can't afford sth, you unable to buy it because It's too expensive.
can't help

unable to control or stop yourself doing sth.
can't stand sb or sth

to hate or dislike sb or sth very much.
canned/tinned food

food that has been preserved in a metal container without air.
carrier bag

a plastic or paper bag with handles supplied by a shop for carrying shopping.
carry on/hold a conversation

to talk between two or more people to exchange news, feelings, and thoughts.
carry weight with sb

to be very influential with sb; to have influence with sb.
cash flow

the total amount of money moving into and out of a business.
cash payment

an amount of money that you pay by using money in the form of notes and coins.
cast a vote

to vote in an election.
cast a spell on sb/sth

to use magic to make sth happen to sb; to use magic to change or influence sb/sth.
cast doubt on sth

to make sth seem uncertain or less reliable.
casual clothes

comfortable clothes you choose to wear in your spare time.
casual relationship

a relationship that isn't serious and doesn't last a long time.
casual acquaintance

someone you know a little, not intimately.
catch a whiff

to smell sth for a moment only; to smell sth briefly.
catch sight of

to suddenly see sb or sth.
catch a cold

to become infected with a cold virus
catch the latest movie

to watch a movie that's just come out.
catch a glimpse/sight of sb/sth

to see sth only for a moment; to see sb or sth briefly
catchy tune

a song that is pleasing and easily remembered.
cause trouble for sb/sth

to create problems, worries, or difficulties for sb or sth.
celebrity endorsement

a form of promoting a particular product or service by using the fame of a well-known person.
cement a friendship

to strengthen a friendship.



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