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IELTS Phrasal Verbs

fall down
If someone or something falls down when they have been in an upright position, they drop to the ground.
get off
If you get off something that you are on, you move your body from it, usually onto the ground.
get out
If you get out, you leave a place or a vehicle.
get up
When someone or something gets up or gets up something, they move from a lower position or level to a higher one.
If you get up, you rise to a standing position after you have been sitting or lying down.
When you get up, or when someone gets you up, you get out of bed.
go back
If you go back, you return to a place where you were before.
go in
When you go in, you enter a building.
go into
When you go into a room, building, or area, you enter it.
go off
If you go off somewhere, you leave the place where you were, usually in order to do something.
keep down
If you keep down or if you keep your head down, you stay in a lying or low position in order to avoid being seen or attacked.
lay down
If you lay something down, you put it down on a surface.
move up
If someone or something moves up or moves up a place, they go from a lower position to a higher one.
run in
If someone runs in from outside a room or building, they enter it, moving fast.
run into
To run into a place means to enter it running.
run on
If you run on, you continue to run in the same direction.
run out
If you run out of a room or building, you leave it, running.
If a substance runs out from somewhere, it flows from there.
sit down
If you sit down or sit yourself down, you lower your body until you are sitting on something.
stand up
If you stand up, you change your position so that you are standing rather than sitting or lying.

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