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IELTS Phrasal Verbs

blow away
If something blows away or if the wind blows it away, the wind moves it away from the place where it was.
blow up
If you blow something up or if it blows up, it is destroyed by an explosion.
break down
When a machine or a vehicle breaks down, it stops working.
To break down something such as a door or wall means to hit it hard so that it breaks and falls to the ground.
break out
If something unpleasant breaks out, it begins suddenly.
cut off
If a person or place is cut off, they are separated from other people and places.
To cut off the supply of something means to stop it.
fall down
If someone or something falls down when they have been in an upright position, they drop to the ground.
If something such as a building or bridge falls down, it breaks into pieces because it is old, weak, or damaged.
go off
If a gun goes off, it is fired and if a bomb goes off, it explodes.
knock out
To knock someone out means to cause them to become unconscious or to fall asleep.
To knock something out means to destroy or damage it and stop it from working properly.
put out
If you put out something that is burning, you cause it to stop burning.
reduce to
If something, especially a building or a city, is reduced to a state where it is broken or destroyed or if someone reduces it to this state, someone or something breaks or destroys it.
run out
If you run out of something, you have no more of it left.
If something runs out, it becomes used up so that there is no more left.
run over
If a vehicle or its driver runs over someone or something, the vehicle hits them or drives over them, causing injury or damage.
wipe out
To wipe someone or something out means to destroy or get rid of them completely.
write off
If someone writes off a vehicle or other machine, they damage it so badly that it is not worth repairing. [BRITISH]

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