IELTS Listening - Completion 3 | Online Practice

Cambridge IELTS Computer-based Tests
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Completion-3 Audioscript
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Questions 1 - 10
Complete the notes. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.
  • Type of work:
  • Number of hours per week: 12 hours
  • Would need work permit
  • Work in the: branch
  • Nearest bus stop: next to
  • Pay: £ an hour

  • Extra benefits:
  • – a free dinner
  • – extra pay when you work on
  • – transport home when you work

  • Qualities required:
  • – ability to
  • Interview arranged for: Thursday at 6 p.m.
  • Bring the names of two referees
  • Ask for: Samira
registered user
Cyrus MostafazadehFeb 19, 2024
registered user
Neda GheshlaghiMar 12, 2024
registered user
Nour HlwaniJan 17, 2024
I wrote "The library" but they marked it wrong; although, it was what they said in the audio. Also, library is countable and should have an article so "next to library" is grammatically wrong; whereas, "next to the library" is.
You're absolutely right. Unfortunately, 'library' is the only correct answer available in the official Cambridge answer key. We always adhere to the answer key.
registered user
Mohammad MalekanFeb 09, 2024
registered user
Syed DanialJan 31, 2024
I exactly wrote "after 11 (o'clock)" but they marked it wrong why?
"after 11 (o'clock)" means that the correct answer is either "after 11" OR "after 11 o'clock" without writing parentheses; "()".
registered user
Marjaneh BeshkhorFeb 10, 2024
I wrote a clear voice but they marked it wrong!
The correct answer is "clear voice" not "a clear voice" as it is written in the answer key..
registered user
Al ChemizedMar 03, 2024
I exactly wrote "after 11 o'clock", but they marked it wrong!?
We checked it and found no problem. Q6 will be marked as correct if your answer is either 'after 11' or 'after 11 o'clock'.
registered user
Parisa GhabelFeb 27, 2024
I wrote 22th of October and it was wrong. How could we write date? Becuase i saw lots of exam which u have to write in this way to give score
This answer '22th of October' is incorrect. It should be '22nd of October'. According to the official Cambridge answer key, the only correct answer is '22 October'.
registered user
MohammadrezaApr 03, 2024
registered user
Dio AkhbarMar 19, 2024
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