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Questions 1 - 10
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.
South City Cycling Club
  • Membership
  • Full membership costs $260; this covers cycling and all over Australia
  • Recreational membership costs $108
  • Cost of membership includes the club fee and all over Australia
  • The club kit is made by a company called
  • Training rides
  • Chance to improve cycling skills and fitness
  • Level B: speed about kph
  • Weekly sessions
  • - Tuesdays at 5.30 am, meet at the
  • - Thursdays at 5.30 am, meet at the entrance to the
  • Further information
  • Rides are about an hour and a half
  • Members often have together afterwards
  • There is not always a with the group on these rides
  • Check and print the on the website beforehand
  • Bikes must have

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JacquesNov 05, 2023
Very interesting. The no monitiring of the running sound put us in realtime test situation
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