IELTS Listening - Completion 4 | Online Practice

Cambridge IELTS Computer-based Tests
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Completion-4 Audioscript
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Questions 1 - 10
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.

  • Application for a Current bank account
  • Type of current account : The ' ' account
  • Full name of applicant : Pieter Henes
  • Date of birth :
  • Joint account holder(s) : No
  • Current address : Exeter
  • Time at current address :
  • Previous address : Rielsdorf 2, Utrecht, Holland
  • Telephone : work
  • home 796431
  • Occupation :
  • Identity (security) : Name of his : Siti
  • Opening sum : to be transferred from Fransen Bank, Utrecht
  • Statements : Every
  • Requests : Supply information about the bank's service
registered user
Mohammad MalekanFeb 09, 2024
registered user
Samar AhmedFeb 01, 2024
In the opening sum, I wrote 2000 but the answer was wrong !It should be written like this 2,000???? why? I think it is correct if I wrote 2000 without coma after the first number!!
"2,000" is the only correct answer available in the official Cambridge answer key. We always stick to the answer key.
registered user
Delaram HoseiniFeb 11, 2024
registered user
Hamid IzinMar 11, 2024
registered user
Dio Fairuz AkhbarApr 03, 2024
registered user
Ghazal FatehradMar 17, 2024
registered user
Muhammad OmarMar 17, 2024
What about date of birth? 27.01.1973 or 27th I wrote which was wrong.
registered user
Bolatkyzy AyazhanApr 16, 2024
What was the right answer for the time of current address
registered user
Dana BekenovaApr 19, 2024
I wrote for date of birth '27th', but the correct answer is 27.01.1973. There should be only one number, so why the correct one is longer?
Hello Dana. First you must write the date as you heard it. Secondly, for the question instructions - ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER. So, (27th January, 1973) is an incorrect answer because it violates the instructions. Therefore, the only correct answer available in the official answer key is 27.01.1973.
registered user
Muhammad UsmanApr 24, 2024
I think there is not any type of "Select" account in recording
registered user
Max AkhlaghiMay 22, 2024
registered user
Melika MohammadiMay 07, 2024
registered user
Samuel ElhMay 13, 2024
27/01/1973 is correct as per IELTS. I understand the answer key is different but this is for paper not computer based. If the IELTS insutrctor so 27-01-1973 it is correct too as long as the numbers correct. Same for the 2000.
registered user
Dayana MoradiMay 23, 2024
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