IELTS Listening - Completion 8 | Online Practice

Cambridge IELTS Computer-based Tests
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Completion-6 Audioscript
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Questions 31 – 40
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD ONLY in each gap.
  • General facts
  • It is a white bear belonging to the black bear family.
  • Its colour comes from an uncommon .
  • Local people believe that it has unusual .
  • They protect the bear from .
  • Habitat
  • The bear's relationship with the forest is complex.
  • Tree roots stop along salmon streams.
  • The bears' feeding habits provide nutrients for forest vegetation.
  • It is currently found on a small number of .
  • Threats
  • Habitat is being lost due to deforestation and construction of by logging companies.
  • Unrestricted is affecting the salmon supply.
  • The bears' existence is also threatened by their low rate of .
  • Going forward
  • Interested parties are working together.
  • Logging companies must improve their of logging.
  • Maintenance and of the spirit bears' territory is needed.
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It was one of the difficult an exam in this path in conclusion i get 8/10
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Good training
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So hard
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