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Questions 21 - 30
Choose the correct answer.
Study on Gender in Physics
21 The students in Akira Miyake's study were all majoring in
22 The aim of Miyake's study was to investigate
23 The female physics students were wrong to believe that
24 Miyake's team asked the students to write about
25 What was the aim of the writing exercise done by the subjects?
26 What surprised the researchers about the study?
27 Greg and Lisa think Miyake's results could have been affected by
28 Greg and Lisa decide that in their own project, they will compare the effects of
29 The main finding of Smolinsky's research was that class teamwork activities
30 What will Lisa and Greg do next?

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Farshad SalimiSep 21, 2023
Some tips for multiple choice questions in listening:Before the audio starts:Read questions and note the keywords in themquickly analyze the options (ignore similarities and focus on the differences between the options)While the audio is being played:Allocate 80% of your attention to your ears and only 20% to your eyes. DON’T try to read the options at the same time as you are listening. (if for any reasons you could not read the options of a question beforehand, totally ignore the options and take notes of what you hear about the keywords on the question. This way you have a higher chance answering the question)After the test:Listen again part by part and try to understand paraphrases (the correct answer is totally paraphrased, while the incorrect options tend to be apparently more similar to what you hear)Good Luck.
EliSep 10, 2023
Extremely practical and helpful particulary for Iranian
Zafar TangirovAug 23, 2023
Thank you
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