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IELTS Listening Multiple Choice 2 | Online Practice

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Questions 11 - 16
Choose the correct answer.
Information on company volunteering projects
11 How much time for volunteering does the company allow per employee?
12 In feedback almost all employees said that volunteering improved their
13 Last year some staff helped unemployed people with their
14 This year the company will start a new volunteering project with a local
15 Where will the Digital Inclusion Day be held?
16 What should staff do if they want to take part in the Digital Inclusion Day?
Questions 17 - 18
Choose TWO correct answers.
What TWO things are mentioned about the participants on the last Digital Inclusion Day?
Questions 19 - 20
Choose TWO correct answers.
What TWO activities on the last Digital Inclusion Day did participants describe as useful?

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Akobir Sep 22, 2023
From the first turn I got 8 correct answers
Farshad SalimiSep 21, 2023
Remember: the correct answer is totally paraphrased, while the incorrect options tend to be apparently more similar to what you hear.
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