IELTS Listening Test 1 | 2017 Online Practice

Cambridge IELTS Computer-based Tests
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PART 1 Questions 1-10
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.
  • Cruise on a lake
  • Travel on an old steamship
  • Can take photos of the that surround the lake
  • Farm visit
  • Children can help feed the sheep
  • Visit can include a 40-minute ride on a
  • Visitors can walk in the farm's by the lake
  • is available at extra cost
  • Cycling trips
  • Cyclists explore the Back Road
  • A is provided
  • Only suitable for cyclists who have some
  • – Bikes can be hired from (near the Cruise Ship Terminal)
  • Cyclists need:
  • – a repair kit
  • – food and drink
  • – a (can be hired)
  • There are no or accommodation in the area
  • Cost
  • Total cost for whole family of cruise and farm visit : $
PART 2 Questions 11-20
Questions 11 - 14
Choose the correct answer.
Talk to new kitchen assistants
11 According to the manager, what do most people like about the job of kitchen assistant?
12 The manager is concerned about some of the new staff's
13 The manager says that the day is likely to be busy for kitchen staff because
14 Only kitchen staff who are 18 or older are allowed to use
Questions 15 and 16
Choose TWO correct answers.
According to the manager, which TWO things can make the job of kitchen assistant stressful?
Questions 17 - 20
What is the responsibility of each of the following restaurant staff?
Choose the correct letter, A–F.
A training courses
B food stocks
C first aid
D breakages
E staff discounts
F timetables
Restaurant staff
Joy Parkins
David Field
Dexter Wills
Mike Smith
PART 3 Questions 21-30
Questions 21 - 23
Choose the correct answer.
Paper on Public Libraries
21 What will be the main topic of Trudie and Stewart's paper?
22 They agree that one disadvantage of free digitalised books is that
23 Stewart expects that in the future libraries will
Questions 24 - 30
Complete the notes below.
Write ONE WORD ONLY in each gap.
Study of local library: possible questions
  • whether it has a of its own
  • its policy regarding noise of various kinds
  • how it's affected by laws regarding all aspects of
  • how the design needs to take the of customers into account
  • what is required in case of accidents
  • why a famous person's is located in the library
  • whether it has a of local organisations
  • how it's different from a library in a
PART 4 Questions 31-40
Questions 31 - 40
Complete the notes. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS in each gap.
Four business values
  • Many business values can result in .
  • Senior managers need to understand and deal with the potential that may result.
  • Collaboration
  • During a training course, the speaker was in a team that had to build a .
  • Other teams experienced from trying to collaborate.
  • The speaker's team won because they reduced collaboration.
  • Sales of a were poor because of collaboration.
  • Industriousness
  • Hard work may be a bad use of various company .
  • The word 'lazy' in this context refers to people who avoid doing tasks that are .
  • Creativity
  • An advertising campaign for a was memorable but failed to boost sales.
  • Creativity should be used as a response to a particular .
  • Excellence
  • According to one study, on average, pioneers had a that was far higher than that of followers.
  • Companies that always aim at excellence may miss opportunities.
Part 1 12345678910 Part 2 11121314151617181920 Part 3 21222324252627282930 Part 4 31323334353637383940
registered user
Noushin GhadiriDec 29, 2023
registered user
Poornima Lewke BandaraDec 29, 2023
On the left side of the screen, you will find three icons for review, audioscript, and retake the test.
registered user
Fardis BehvandiDec 31, 2023
registered user
K. Jude NimalDec 31, 2023
Very helpful
registered user
Momina JameelDec 29, 2023
How can i submit my test
registered user
Yasin MaghsoodDec 29, 2023
Hello, Thank you very much for your good website. Nonetheless, there is a point which can make it better. The method of highlighting the words is too hard and time-consuming. I think it should get easier. Also, the participant needs a highlighting tool in the READING part! Thank you in advance for your time and for reading my comment.
Hi, Yasin. Highlighting text is very easy. All you have to do is select the words you want, then right-click on the selection and choose the Highlight option, and vice versa if you want to clear the highlight, but here you can choose the Clear or Clear All option. That's it.
registered user
Sima AlizadehfardDec 30, 2023
Thank you for this amasing site.
Our pleasure.
registered user
Hossein GhorbanianJan 01, 2024
You website is second to none, thanks for all this masterpiece
Our pleasure. Good luck.
registered user
Manh NguyenFeb 03, 2024
31/40 - 3.FEB.2024
registered user
Manh NguyenFeb 06, 2024
35/40 6 FEB
registered user
Sujan GopaliDec 30, 2023
How can I submit my answer and check?
No need to submit your answers. When your test time is up, your answers are automatically sent for grading, and your score is displayed. This completely simulates the real IELTS test.
registered user
Mohammad BagherNov 29, 2023
registered user
Honey RoseJan 26, 2024
registered user
Hossein ZamaniDec 30, 2023
Love this website.
You're welcome.
registered user
Sohail Siddique AhmedDec 24, 2023
Okay i got 36/40
registered user
Parsa MohamadiDec 31, 2023
registered user
Elahe PnhiDec 09, 2023
registered user
Neethu JosephJan 02, 2024
Is it possible to pause or rewind the audio?
You can do this when you are reviewing your answers, but during the test this option is not available.
registered user
Saleh HaririJan 22, 2024
Where is the review section???????
registered user
Alekhya ViswanathJan 01, 2024
How to check or submit answers?
No need to submit your answers. When your test time is up, your answers are automatically submitted, and your score appears.
registered user
Razieh KhorsandiJan 02, 2024
Hi I cant go to the next page while listening is continue
Use buttons below the test to move from one part to another or from one question to another.
registered user
Ichsan BudimanJan 07, 2024
Good apps, i just wont to say thnk u, and i hope u can set the timer static in the top
registered user
Maung Maung LattJan 04, 2024
Thank you.
registered user
Atoosa KarimianJan 05, 2024
registered user
Mostafa KhJan 05, 2024
registered user
Maqsudjon Muhiddinovich AJan 06, 2024
I dont know where to submit them
When your test time is up, your answers will automatically be submitted for grading, and your score will then appear.
registered user
Md. Sabbir AhmedJan 08, 2024
On this website, there are some wrong answers.
If there are incorrect answers, please inform us of the test number and year to correct them.
registered user
Seyede ManizheJan 09, 2024
Hello. my question is about the test numbers changed into color yellow. does it have any meaning that i should pay attention to it?
If you click any question number and select the check box for review, the button color will change to yellow. You can deselect it to restore the default color of the button.
registered user
Saeed RahmatiJan 11, 2024
Thank you for your beneficial website. Could you please make changing the file speed available to practice in higher speed?
You're welcome. This is the normal speed of monologue and dialogue in the IELTS Listening tests.
registered user
Arezoo RezaieJan 13, 2024
Please add the answer key
registered user
Mehrdad RastiMar 07, 2024
Hello why smart phone with a gap between two words is not right in no.35?
Try reviewing the audioscript for the test.
registered user
Patience OniJan 15, 2024
Thank you, 34/40.
registered user
Mahdi Farajzadeh AjirlouJan 24, 2024
I cant see the menu to review my last exams? Every time I want to review, the exams start again.
Click on the ABC button to review your answers, not the button of retake the test.
registered user
Black ChengJan 18, 2024
Oh no, first try and got 16/40
registered user
Novalee MolaeeJan 18, 2024
Hi, I found ur site the best one for practicing IELTS computer base. There is a problem I have when I open the site from my iPad (I tried different browsers), highlight words disappear as soon as I start to Write in the box. I really appreciate it if you solve this problem.
Hi Novalee. Try using another device other than your iPad.
registered user
Neda AtashkarJan 18, 2024
How can I listen 3 times?
When the test ends, you can click on the Audioscript button - on the left side of the screen - and listen to the audio as you like.
registered user
Amir RajabiJan 19, 2024
Thanks a lote
registered user
Enikookar CeJan 27, 2024
registered user
Arslan AhmadFeb 01, 2024
What to do If Audio stops????
Check your internet connection. You must be connected to the Internet to complete the test.
registered user
Taha TabatMar 04, 2024
registered user
Clairen JungJan 27, 2024
This website has helped me lots to improve my english skill.
Good news!
registered user
Gretchen MasinsinJan 28, 2024
Try using another browser or device.
registered user
Ala Kord 1Apr 25, 2024
registered user
Elham RajabiJan 31, 2024
registered user
Mohammadreza MirkooMar 13, 2024
35- my first score 8
registered user
Oktoriza DhiaFeb 09, 2024
1st try: 32/402nd try: 35/40
registered user
Ali RadmaanFeb 20, 2024
I can achieve 9 scores after trying 9 times
registered user
Isfandiyor TurdievFeb 08, 2024
registered user
Shaqayeq AhmadiFeb 11, 2024
Hi, thank you so much for your great website. Does the website have Cambridge readings too? I can't find them
registered user
Parvaneh AbiApr 27, 2024
How can I review my mistakes in the tests that I have taken before?
registered user
Parvaneh AbiApr 27, 2024
How can I review my mistakes in the previously taken test?
You can only review your answers when you finish the test. If you leave the test, you'll not be able to review your answers.
registered user
Mahtab FallahiFeb 11, 2024
registered user
Al ChemizedApr 07, 2024
registered user
Yosra GholamiFeb 15, 2024
Thank you. Does it not count seconds in the test environment? And do we get paper to write and take notes during the exam?
registered user
Izzatillo ToshFeb 21, 2024
Amazing website, easy to use and looks aesthetic. Great work guys, helping me a lot!!!
Our pleasure.
registered user
Ali AhmadiApr 12, 2024
registered user
Kausar KuanyshevaMar 10, 2024
registered user
Kolsoum HeydariMay 05, 2024
registered user
Mahshid RashvandApr 03, 2024
Great website
registered user
Mahshid TghMar 09, 2024
37/40 :)
registered user
Md Zahidul IslamMar 14, 2024
registered user
Cristina CenciarelliMar 14, 2024
registered user
Sevda GajiyevaMay 20, 2024
registered user
Piyush AggarwalMar 15, 2024
registered user
Suraiya MatayehMar 27, 2024
registered user
Hamidreza ZalpoorMay 06, 2024
F: 15, S: 34
registered user
Devi SintabelaMar 23, 2024
registered user
Aya AdelMar 28, 2024
I can't find any icons on the left to be able to review my answers, please helpppp
Hello Aya. You can press F11 on your keyboard to be in full screen mode.
registered user
Shein NaleMar 30, 2024
HOw do you go to part 2
registered user
Fatima AkbariApr 03, 2024
38 :D
registered user
Alin BitonApr 15, 2024
registered user
Samira KeshavarzMay 11, 2024
registered user
Rajat KantApr 27, 2024
HELLO will the Real Exam be same as this , if i am planning to give IELTS JULY 2024 ????
registered user
Yahyobek MuhammadjonovApr 29, 2024
He test was enjoyable giving a full focus while doing, so i ended up cracking 35/40 whereas it should have been 39/40. Anyway, wanna express my gratitued for program`s owners. Good luck. 29.04.2024
You're welcome.
registered user
Shadi AzemMay 06, 2024
registered user
Behnam ZiariMay 02, 2024
Hello how can I see my result anytime that I want ?
registered user
Wared BuffetMay 06, 2024
Can you add some feature to skip it directly to the question, please
registered user
Amir Khan.zrMay 05, 2024
Perfectly designed to study
registered user
Reza PoursafarMay 14, 2024
registered user
Sahar KhosravaniyanMay 19, 2024
registered user
Sina JavanMay 22, 2024
Is there any difference in score on the real IELTS exam based on the correct capitalization of the word "launch" (Launch vs launch), like question 4 ?
registered user
Aina OmowunmiMay 22, 2024
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