IELTS Listening Test 3 | 2019 Online Practice

Cambridge IELTS Computer-based Tests
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PART 1 Questions 1-10
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.
Flanders Conference Hotel
  • Date available
  • weekend beginning February 4th
  • Conference facilities
  • the room for talks
  • (projector and available)
  • area for coffee and an
  • free throughout
  • a standard buffet lunch costs $ per head
  • Accommodation
  • Rooms will cost $ including breakfast .
  • Other facilities:
  • The hotel also has a spa and rooftop
  • There's a free shuttle service to the
  • Location
  • Wilby Street (quite near the )
  • near to restaurants and many
PART 2 Questions 11-20
Questions 11 - 12
Choose TWO correct answers.
Which TWO activities that volunteers do are mentioned?
Questions 13 - 14
Choose TWO correct answers.
Which TWO ways that volunteers can benefit from volunteering are mentioned?

Questions 15 - 20
What has each of the following volunteers helped someone to do?
Choose the correct letter, A–G.
What volunteers have helped people to do
A overcome physical difficulties
B rediscover skills not used for a long time
C improve their communication skills
D solve problems independently
E escape isolation
F remember past times
G start a new hobby
PART 3 Questions 21-30
Questions 21 - 26
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.
Background on school marching band
  • It consists of around students.
  • It is due to play in a band competition.
  • It has been invited to play in the town's .
  • They have listened to a talk by a .
  • Joe will discuss a with the band.
  • Joe hopes the band will attend a next month.
Questions 27 - 30
What problem does Joe mention in connection with each of the following band members?
Choose the correct letter, A–F.
A makes a lot of mistakes in rehearsals
B keeps making unhelpful suggestions
C has difficulty with rhythm
D misses too many rehearsals
E has a health problem
F doesn't mix with other students
Band members
PART 4 Questions 31-40
Questions 31 - 40
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.
Concerts in university arts festival
  • Concert 1
  • Australian composer: Liza Lim
  • studied piano and before turning to composition
  • performers and festivals around the world have given her a lot of commissions
  • compositions show a great deal of and are drawn from various cultural sources
  • her music is very expressive and also
  • festival will include her called The Oresteia
  • Lim described the sounds in The Oresteia as
  • British composers: Ralph Vaughan Williams, Frederick Delius
  • Concert 2
  • British composers: Benjamin Britten, Judith Weir
  • Australian composer: Ross Edwards
  • festival will include The Tower of Remoteness, inspired by nature
  • The Tower of Remoteness is performed by piano and
  • compositions include music for children
  • celebrates Australia's cultural
  • Concert 3
  • Australian composer: Carl Vine
  • played cornet then piano
  • studied before studying music
  • worked in Sydney as a pianist and composer
  • became well known as composer of music for
  • festival will include his music for the 1996
  • British composers: Edward Elgar, Thomas Adés
Part 1 12345678910 Part 2 11121314151617181920 Part 3 21222324252627282930 Part 4 31323334353637383940
registered user
Amir RezvaniJan 26, 2024
registered user
Kimia GhadirianJan 01, 2024
registered user
Hossein GhorbanianJan 01, 2024
It was great, thank you so much for your awesome website
Our pleasure.
registered user
Alireza ArbabiDec 30, 2023
6.5 L
registered user
Elahe PnhiJan 04, 2024
I did 23 correct answers because I had numerous spelling mistakes(about 8). My score is 6.
registered user
Fateme EhteshamiJan 04, 2024
My score in this test was 8- i had spelling mistakes
registered user
Yasaman YousefiJan 22, 2024
registered user
Mahmood ShirvanianJan 15, 2024
6 L
registered user
Alicem GüzelJan 27, 2024
I think WI-FI and wifi both should be correct, but only wifi is accepted here.
You're right, but 'Wifi' is the only correct answer available in the official Cambridge answer key, and we always stick to the answer key.
registered user
Masoud MaskFeb 18, 2024
registered user
Narek SaroyanMar 29, 2024
registered user
Ilia CartierApr 15, 2024
36/40, had 3 spelling errors i could've gotten a 9 lol
registered user
Vikram VisuJan 20, 2024
50 AND fifty both are correct right ?
It depends on the instructions of the question. I mean "ONE WORD ONLY" or "ONE WORD ONLY AND A NUMBER" or "ONE WORD ONLY AND/OR A NUMBER";
registered user
Reza FarashJan 18, 2024
registered user
Maryam ShojaeeFeb 11, 2024
registered user
Adarsh JeetMar 22, 2024
Too many difficult spellings in this one
registered user
Mohammad HadiFeb 15, 2024
registered user
Saye BrowneMar 03, 2024
registered user
Ala Kord 1Apr 16, 2024
39/40 -> 9
registered user
Georgia MelbourneMar 11, 2024
34/40. I didn't get 38 just for a wrong answer :D
registered user
Ali RadmaanFeb 17, 2024
registered user
Rezwan HussainzadaApr 16, 2024
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Amir KhalkhaliMar 03, 2024
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Rahul BishtMar 15, 2024
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Milad PashaMar 10, 2024
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Amirmahdi AndayeshMar 21, 2024
27/40 => 6.5
registered user
Dilshod KhudoyorovApr 07, 2024
registered user
Amir MmdddddApr 09, 2024
27/40 . 7 mistakes just for wrong writing :(
registered user
Md Zahidul IslamMar 24, 2024
registered user
Sedigh EbadiMar 25, 2024
Why is the sound off
registered user
Norma Ayu SApr 04, 2024
31 ! alhamdulillah
registered user
Sara HatamiApr 05, 2024
registered user
Priyash MukherjeeApr 03, 2024
registered user
Mary GhodsiApr 15, 2024
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