IELTS Listening Test 4 | 2017 Online Practice

Cambridge IELTS Computer-based Tests
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PART 1 Questions 1-10
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.
Cycle tour leader: Applicant enquiry
  • About the applicant:
  • wants a job.
  • will soon start work as a
  • has led cycle trips in
  • interested in being a leader of a cycling trip for families
  • is currently doing voluntary work with members of a club
  • available for five months from the 1st of
  • can't eat
  • Contact details:
  • address: 27 Place, Dumfries
  • postcode:
  • Interview:
  • interview at 2.30 pm on
  • will plan a short about being a tour guide
PART 2 Questions 11-20
Questions 11 - 14
Choose the correct answer.
Visiting the Sheepmarket area
11 Which is the most rapidly-growing group of residents in the Sheepmarket area?
12 The speaker recommends the side streets in the Sheepmarket for their
13 Clothes designed by entrants for the Young Fashion competition must
14 Car parking is free in some car parks if you
Questions 15 - 20
Label the map below. Choose the correct letter, A–I.
test-1 map
The Reynolds House
The Thumb
The Museum
The Contemporary Art Gallery
The Warner Gallery
PART 3 Questions 21-24
Complete the table. Write ONE WORD ONLY in each gap.
Presentation on film adaptations of Shakespeare's plays
Stages of presentation Work still to be done
Introduce Giannetti's book. containing a of adaptations Organise notes
Ask class to suggest the adaptations No further work needed
Present Rachel Malchow's ideas Prepare some
Discuss relationship between adaptations and at the time of making the film No further work needed
Questions 25 - 30
What do the speakers say about each of the following films?
Choose the correct letter, A–G.
A clearly shows the historical period
B contains only parts of the play
C is too similar to another kind of film
D turned out to be unpopular with audiences
E presents the play in a different period from the original
F sets the original in a different country
G incorporates a variety of art forms
Much Ado About Nothing
Romeo & Juliet
Prospero's Books
Looking for Richard
PART 4 Questions 31-40
Questions 31 - 40
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD ONLY in each gap.
Noise in Cities
  • Past research focused on noise level (measured in decibels) and people's responses.
  • Noise 'maps'
  • show that the highest noise levels are usually found on roads
  • do not show other sources of noise, e.g. when windows are open or people's neighbours are in their
  • ignore variations in people's perceptions of noise
  • have made people realize that the noise is a issue that must be dealt with
  • Problems caused by noise
  • sleep disturbance
  • increase in amount of stress
  • effect on the of schoolchildren
  • Different types of noise
  • Some noises can be considered pleasant e.g. the sound of a in a town
  • To investigate this, researchers may use methods from sciences e .g. questionnaires
  • What people want
  • Plenty of activity in urban environments which are , but also allow people to relax
  • But architects and town planners
  • do not get much in acoustics
  • regard sound as the responsibility of engineers
  • Understanding sound as an art form
  • We need to know
  • how sound relates to
  • what can be learnt from psychology about the effects of sound
  • whether physics can help us understand the of sound
  • Virtual reality programs
  • advantage: predict the effect of buildings
  • current disadvantage: they are
Part 1 12345678910 Part 2 11121314151617181920 Part 3 21222324252627282930 Part 4 31323334353637383940
registered user
Adriano HolzmeierFeb 25, 2024
25/40 - 25feb
registered user
Fatemeh ErfaniJan 11, 2024
registered user
Armin EbrahimiApr 09, 2024
registered user
Saadi HonaravaziFeb 27, 2024
22 out of 40. promising
registered user
Saadi HonaravaziFeb 27, 2024
22 5.5
registered user
Hassan Esmaielie TavilJan 22, 2024
registered user
Mohd HassaniDec 15, 2023
31! not bad so far.
registered user
Manh NguyenFeb 04, 2024
27/40 4 FEB
registered user
Manh NguyenFeb 05, 2024
33/40 - 5 FEB
registered user
Manh NguyenFeb 08, 2024
39/40 - 8 FEB
registered user
Matin JoorbonianJan 30, 2024
In part 4 after question 35 the woman voice cut off
This is due to unstable internet connection. You must be connected to the Internet to complete the test.
registered user
Ali SakhaMar 15, 2024
registered user
Ali ZahediJan 19, 2024
The second part of section 2 and 3 was very difficult.
registered user
Mohadese SirinezhadFeb 03, 2024
That was too hard
registered user
Mobasher MhmdJan 15, 2024
I'm really messing up... idk why this is freaking diffucult for me.... especially part 4
registered user
Fahmi YahyaJan 19, 2024
Amid others of this listening series, this is the most horrible.
registered user
Jakhongirkhuja JuraevJan 21, 2024
I am crying on map and matching questions
registered user
Mahta AzhJan 28, 2024
Part 3 was extremely difficult, 36/40
registered user
Kimberly CastroFeb 07, 2024
The map was so difficult!
registered user
Mohammad MalekanFeb 17, 2024
registered user
Parisa PayandehJan 29, 2024
Where is the audioscript of part 2 and 3?
At the bottom of the page, there will be four buttons to move from part 1 to part 4.
registered user
Javid AsadullayevFeb 08, 2024
I did not understand anything from Part 4
registered user
Samin RhminFeb 04, 2024
Part 3 is always the hardest part.
registered user
Mohammadreza MirkooMar 18, 2024
registered user
Oktoriza DhiaMar 04, 2024
30/40 this is the hardest listening practice in Cambridge so far, the podcast speaker in part 2 is fast
registered user
Safa TorabiFeb 22, 2024
I can't believe that I got 8
registered user
Mirolim MirsaidovMar 01, 2024
23/40 MARCH 1
registered user
Elissa RashidiFeb 16, 2024
My score at the first attempt:22/40.....Disappointing
registered user
Ali PoorseyedFeb 29, 2024
25 , harder than i tought
registered user
Faisal HammoodFeb 25, 2024
Damn it, i got 18. Lol
registered user
Yohanes AgungMar 31, 2024
Hahaha unexpectedly I got 9/10 in part 4 but the second and third part is quite hard so 24/40
registered user
Kasra JamkasraApr 13, 2024
Speaking too fast. map complicated. 23/40
registered user
Karlos YeMar 30, 2024
This one is hard. The speaker is speaking too fast in part2, making it difficult to listen and match answer selections at the same time. For part3, I know nothing about plays and cultures, and it make things a little difficult to judge
registered user
Mahzad Qarib SamiApr 02, 2024
registered user
Azinn ArabMar 15, 2024
I got 5.5 part 2 was the most difficault to me
registered user
Md Zahidul IslamMar 17, 2024
registered user
Avishka DilshanMar 17, 2024
First attempt : 35/40 This platform is crazy good. Thank You developers and producct owners for this useful piece of software ! Hail JS!
You're welcome.
registered user
Alij DilnazMar 28, 2024
11 is not correct, it is a actually check the script
The answer to question 11 is correct. "... now graduates embarking on careers in the worlds of fashion and design .. ." (Graduates) NOT (students from the university).
registered user
Maryam NutApr 07, 2024
I've never seen questions as hard as these! The speed of narrator in part 2 is incredibly fast...
registered user
Abolfazl KazemitabarApr 08, 2024
registered user
Mazyar MohammadiApr 14, 2024
Thank you for such a beneficial website.
You're welcome.
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