IELTS Listening Test 1 | 2018 Online Practice

Cambridge IELTS Computer-based Tests
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PART 1 Questions 1-10
Complete the notes below. Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.
Cookery Class Focus Other Information
The Food Studio how to and cook with seasonal products • small classes

• also offers classes

• clients who return get a discount
Bond's Cookery School food that is • includes recipes to strengthen your

• they have a free every Thursday
The Centre mainly food • located near the

• a special course in skills with a is sometimes available
PART 2 Questions 11-20
Questions 11 - 13
Choose the correct answer.
Traffic Changes in Granford
11 Why are changes needed to traffic systems in Granford?
12 In a survey, local residents particularly complained about
13 According to the speaker, one problem with the new regulations will be
Questions 14 - 20
Label the map below. Choose the correct letter, A–I.
test-1 map
New traffic lights
Pedestrian crossing
Parking allowed
New 'No Parking' sign
New disabled parking spaces
Widened pavement
Lorry loading/unloading restrictions
PART 3 Questions 21-30
Questions 21 - 25
Choose the correct answer.
21 Why is Jack interested in investigating seed germination?
22 Jack and Emma agree the main advantage of their present experiment is that it can be
23 What do they decide to check with their tutor?
24 They agree that Graves' book on seed germination is disappointing because
25 What does Jack say about the article on seed germination by Lee Hall?
Questions 26 - 30
Label the flow-chart below. Choose the correct answers from the box. Choose the correct letter, A–H.
A container
B soil
C weight
D condition
E height
F colour
G types
H depths
Stages in the experiment
Select seeds of different  and sizes.
Measure and record the  and size of each one.
Decide on the  to be used.
Use a different  for each seed and label it.
After about 3 weeks, record the plant's
Investigate the findings.
PART 4 Questions 31-40
Questions 31 - 40
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD ONLY in each gap.
Effects of urban environments on animals
  • Introduction
  • Recent urban developments represent massive environmental changes. It was previously thought that only a few animals were suitable for city life, e.g.
  • the – because of its general adaptability
  • the pigeon – because walls of city buildings are similar to
  • In fact, many urban animals are adapting with unusual .
  • Recent research
  • Emilie Snell-Rood studied small urbanised mammal specimens from museums in Minnesota.
  • – She found the size of their had increased.
  • – She suggests this may be due to the need to locate new sources of and to deal with new dangers.
  • Catarina Miranda focused on the of urban and rural blackbirds.
  • – She found urban birds were often braver, but were afraid of situations that were
  • Jonathan Atwell studies how animals respond to urban environments.
  • – He found that some animals respond to by producing lower levels of hormones.
  • Sarah Partan's team found urban squirrels use their to help them communicate.
  • Long-term possibilities
  • Species of animals may develop which are unique to cities. However, some changes may not be .
Part 1 12345678910 Part 2 11121314151617181920 Part 3 21222324252627282930 Part 4 31323334353637383940
registered user
Azadeh HosseiniDec 29, 2023
registered user
Fariborz NowzaryApr 07, 2024
That was really easy compared to the previous book. I scored 33, despite making a lot of silly mistakes. Thank you for providing such an excellent website. All of you out there, just remember: practice makes perfect.
You're welcome.
registered user
Hamed JamshidikhezeliDec 29, 2023
registered user
Mehrnoosh TorabiApr 12, 2024
registered user
Faisal AjarmahMar 09, 2024
registered user
Shoyaif KhanFeb 22, 2024
Why 20% is not correct?
registered user
Saeed RahmatiJan 13, 2024
Tail(s) is the answer of 39th question
registered user
Mona MohamedFeb 29, 2024
registered user
Jahid KhanFeb 14, 2024
38. Could've been all 40 but some silly mistakes
registered user
Saye BrowneMay 17, 2024
registered user
Mahta AzhJan 29, 2024
There is no difference between 20% and 20 percent. how is that a mistake?
ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER - (20 percent) is the only correct answer available in the official Cambridge answer key.
registered user
Taha TabatApr 29, 2024
37/40 --- all three mistakes was typos and misspelled words duh
registered user
Ala Kord 1Apr 20, 2024
registered user
Mohammadreza MirkooMar 23, 2024
35- at second attempt
registered user
Parisa MehrabiMar 04, 2024
Is there any diffrence between bone and bones?
registered user
Oktoriza DhiaMar 05, 2024
First try 31/40, second try weeks later 39/40
registered user
Dian IsnadhatulFeb 10, 2024
registered user
Ghazal BayatFeb 13, 2024
Dictation is tricky in some answers 35/40
registered user
Al ChemizedFeb 21, 2024
Thank you very much!
registered user
Abiodun AkandeFeb 22, 2024
Score 37,but what is the answer to question 32
registered user
Behrad SadeghiMar 26, 2024
registered user
Elissa RashidiFeb 19, 2024
Why should just writing one wrong letter in a word destror my score?For example vegetErian instead of vegetArian.Will I lose marks if I would have such mistakes in real test???
registered user
Pegah BabapourMay 12, 2024
Hi, I check my answers and i found i answered 38 correct but my score was 32. And some of my answers didn't check at all? Why?
Hello Pegah. It seems that the browser you're using is outdated. Try using another device or browser.
registered user
Ali PoorseyedMar 02, 2024
33, tnx for the content, I'll really appreciate it
Our pleasure.
registered user
Kausar KuanyshevaApr 02, 2024
registered user
Safura ShafiliFeb 26, 2024
Firstly Thank you for your site.I wrote correct answers in part 1, but three of them were considered like false.
Hi Safura. Please tell us exactly which answers you wrote to make sure they are actually correct.
registered user
Sheena SharmaMar 16, 2024
registered user
Zobaer KhanMar 29, 2024
registered user
Dilshod KhudoyorovApr 14, 2024
28, two spelling errors. vegeterian => vegetarian and Perminent => permanent
registered user
Md Zahidul IslamMar 18, 2024
registered user
Piyush AggarwalMar 18, 2024
registered user
Ehsan ChamaniMay 21, 2024
32/40 disappointing
registered user
Arina KekaloApr 01, 2024
registered user
Fateme Kn78Apr 04, 2024
32 but that my secend try
registered user
Taha SadeghiMay 13, 2024
It was fairly easy, wasn't it?
registered user
Aytac MemmedliMay 07, 2024
registered user
Yahyobek MuhammadjonovMay 01, 2024
Alhamdulillah, I was able to obtain 37/40, all mistakes apart from one were made dumbly, What i say is the focus which we should always be careful while doing especially listening
registered user
Moh HariyantoMay 17, 2024
registered user
Siva Reddy MarellaMay 13, 2024
registered user
Amelia OkashaimaMay 04, 2024
35 / 40
registered user
Mamad RafieMay 09, 2024
registered user
Azeem AliMay 13, 2024
38/40 good score. It was easy, could have score 40/40.
registered user
Rasool ShabanlooMay 12, 2024
24/40 after 2 years of being away from IELTS.
registered user
Ali AbtinnMay 21, 2024
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