IELTS Listening Test 3 | 2018 Online Practice

Cambridge IELTS Computer-based Tests
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PART 1 Questions 1-10
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.
Moving to Banford City
  • Accommodation
  • Average rent: £ a month
  • Transport
  • Linda travels to work by
  • Limited in city centre
  • Trains to London every minutes
  • Poor train service at
  • Advantages of living in Banford
  • New opened recently
  • has excellent reputation
  • Good on Bridge Street
  • Meet Linda
  • Meet Linda on after 5.30 pm
  • In the opposite the station
PART 2 Questions 11-20
Questions 11 - 16
What advantage does the speaker mention for each of the following physical activities?
Choose the correct letter, A–G.
A not dependent on season
B enjoyable
C low risk of injury
D fitness level unimportant
E sociable
F fast results
G motivating
Physical activities
using a gym
doing yoga
training with a personal trainer
Questions 17 - 18
Choose TWO correct answers.
For which TWO reasons does the speaker say people give up going to the gym?
Questions 19 - 20
Choose TWO correct answers.
Which TWO pieces of advice does the speaker give for setting goals?
PART 3 Questions 21-30
Questions 21 - 24
Choose the correct answer.
Project on using natural dyes to colour fabrics
21 What first inspired Jim to choose this project?
22 Jim eventually decided to do a practical investigation which involved
23 When doing his experiments, Jim was surprised by
24 What problem did Jim have with using tartrazine as a fabric dye?
Questions 25 - 30
What problem is identified with each of the following natural dyes?
Choose the correct letter, A–H.
A It is expensive.
B The colour is too strong.
C The colour is not long-lasting.
D It is very poisonous.
E It can damage the fabric.
F The colour may be unexpected
G It is unsuitable for some fabrics.
H It is not generally available.
Natural dyes
Tyrian purple
metal oxide
PART 4 Questions 31-40
Questions 31 - 40
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD ONLY in each gap.
The sleepy lizard (tiliqua rugosa)
  • Description
  • They are common in Western and South Australia
  • They are brown, but recognisable by their blue
  • They are relatively large
  • Their diet consists mainly of
  • Their main predators are large birds and
  • Navigation study
  • One study found that lizards can use the to help them navigate
  • Observations in the wild
  • Observations show that these lizards keep the same for several years
  • What people want
  • Possible reasons:
  • – to improve the survival of their young (but little has been noted between parents and children)
  • – to provide for female lizards
  • Tracking study
  • – study was carried out using GPS systems attached to the of the lizards
  • – This provided information on the lizards' location and even the number of taken
  • – It appeared that the lizards were trying to avoid one another
  • – This may be in order to reduce chances of
Part 1 12345678910 Part 2 11121314151617181920 Part 3 21222324252627282930 Part 4 31323334353637383940
registered user
Zahra EbbbbFeb 18, 2024
registered user
Amir RezvaniJan 30, 2024
registered user
Fariborz NowzaryApr 10, 2024
36 with three silly misspellings. I think listening is the easiest part of the IELTS exam. I'm not sure what to do with the third reading passage or the writing section; I just get so frustrated when I reach them. By the way, if it weren't for your invaluable site, I wouldn't have had any idea how to prepare for the real exam
You're more than welcome. Good luck!
registered user
Saadi HonaravaziMar 04, 2024
27......6.5thank goodness45 days left may god assist me saadi from Sanandaj
registered user
Hassan Esmaielie TavilJan 27, 2024
registered user
Hossein AhrabiFeb 04, 2024
Thanks a lot. your site is perfect. I appreciate it.
Our pleasure.
registered user
Manh NguyenJan 04, 2024
Done on 4 Jan - 30/40
registered user
Manh NguyenFeb 06, 2024
7 FEB - 29/40
registered user
Arian AgungJan 08, 2024
In my perspective the answer for number 31 it should be Tounge without (s) / plural, since I already re-listen and check to the audioscript that you provided.
You're right. But in the official Cambridge answer key, both answers are correct (tongue / tongues).
registered user
Hani QeshlaqiFeb 19, 2024
registered user
Toktam GhorbaniJan 02, 2024
I can not check the AudioScripts of part2,3 and 4. it is only show part1
You're right. We fixed it. Everything is fine now.
registered user
Mahdi BayanlooJan 12, 2024
32/40 12th Jan
registered user
Bilol KulmatovMar 12, 2024
37 - 8.5 :)1 spelling mistake :(
registered user
Mohsen AziziFeb 07, 2024
Your website is awesome. it is really helpful for me. I really appreciate it.31/40
Our pleasure.
registered user
Zahra MontazeriJan 04, 2024
Really appreciate you because of the new changes in your website
Our pleasure.
registered user
Erfan RahaeiApr 28, 2024
registered user
Hanie FathiMay 15, 2024
registered user
Daniel De LuiseJan 13, 2024
Where is the submit button?
When the test is over, you will be given an additional two minutes to do a comprehensive review. After that, your answers will be automatically sent for evaluation, and your score will appear immediately. This completely simulates the real IELTS Listening test.
registered user
Maryam ShojaeeFeb 08, 2024
registered user
Jafar RezaeeFeb 22, 2024
registered user
Ways BergggJan 15, 2024
Probably the best site for training your IELTS skills
Our pleasure.
registered user
Le Hong NhungMar 25, 2024
Scripts show tounge, not tounges in Part 4
Both answers tongue and tongues are correct in the Cambridge official answer key.
registered user
Tursunov IsomiddinFeb 26, 2024
registered user
Jahid KhanFeb 18, 2024
39/40. Got band 9 for the first time. But only if real exam was that easy lol
registered user
Taha TabatMay 03, 2024
39/40 = 9thanks a lotbabe if you're reading this you should be proud (((((((:
registered user
Hanie HeshmatiMay 12, 2024
registered user
Sean ConneryFeb 26, 2024
I believe series book num 13 is so much easier than others! i usually take 6.5 or 7 but in this series, i always get 8!
registered user
Mohammad MalekanMar 02, 2024
registered user
Ellie TalebApr 17, 2024
registered user
Mohammadreza MirkooMar 26, 2024
27- 26th March
registered user
Shahab MoradiFeb 05, 2024
35 out of 40 (~8). 5 February 2024
registered user
Salva EbtedMar 06, 2024
registered user
Behrad SadeghiMar 31, 2024
registered user
Mahsa MahvidiFeb 17, 2024
38/40 , 17 February 2024
registered user
Farkhod ErkinovMar 20, 2024
35/40 still confusing about my exam
registered user
Naeim RoshanMay 12, 2024
registered user
Sina EbrahimiMar 25, 2024
39 band 9 thanks for your professional website
Our pleasure.
registered user
Kausar KuanyshevaMar 18, 2024
33/40 yassss
registered user
Kasra JamkasraApr 17, 2024
registered user
Amirmahdi AndayeshMar 19, 2024
registered user
Mahshid TghMar 28, 2024
40/40:))) MARCH 28
registered user
Md Zahidul IslamMar 20, 2024
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Md Zahidul IslamMay 03, 2024
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Piyush AggarwalMar 19, 2024
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Arefe KhoshzaherMar 18, 2024
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Diba YouzbashiMar 30, 2024
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Abolfazl KazemitabarApr 08, 2024
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Fatemeh NajafiApr 19, 2024
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Mobina MshApr 08, 2024
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Shahin RanaieApr 27, 2024
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Ali AmjadiMay 07, 2024
registered user
Moonlight AustinMay 08, 2024
Excuse me. How to highlight keywords?
You can simply select the words you want, then right-click on the selection and choose the Highlight option, and vice versa if you want to clear the highlight, but here you can choose the Clear or Clear All option. That's it.
registered user
Fati PooriMay 08, 2024
Hi We use (at) for weekends? Isn't it (on)?
Hello Fati. Both 'on weekends' and 'at weekends' are correct. 'On the weekend' is mostly used in American English, while 'at the weekend' is usually used in British English.
registered user
Yousaf AbidMay 17, 2024
Thanks alot your website is too much beneficial for practiceno need for any academy and time waste
Our pleasure.
registered user
Aziz DavletbayevMay 21, 2024
39/40 let's gooooo
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