IELTS Reading GT Test 1 | 2020 Online Practice

Cambridge IELTS Computer-based Tests
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Part 1 1234567891011121314 Part 2 15161718192021222324252627 Part 3 28293031323334353637383940
registered user
Ricar PrudenciadoJan 01, 2024
Thank you for sharing this online praktice
You're welcome.
registered user
Dinkar VashishatJan 16, 2024
I am not able to see submit button in listening and reading tests
In the Listening tests, there's no need to submit your answers. When the test ends, your answers are automatically submitted for grading, then you will see your score. In the Reading tests, there's a submit button.
registered user
Josimar HernandezFeb 04, 2024
Thank you.
registered user
Al ChemizedFeb 12, 2024
Thanks a lot
registered user
Fatemeh JavFeb 19, 2024
Thank you, it's a practical site
You're welcome.
registered user
Hamidreza KakaFeb 21, 2024
Thanks a lit
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