IELTS Reading GT Test 1 | 2021 Online Practice

Cambridge IELTS Computer-based Tests
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Part 1 1234567891011121314 Part 2 15161718192021222324252627 Part 3 28293031323334353637383940
registered user
Nazia JawedFeb 02, 2024
I want to see my submitted test in detail to find out the mistakes later on as well but i just know the band score .The submitted test is not shown please activate this as well
After the test ends, and the score appears, you will find two buttons for review and restart the test - on the left side of the screen. If not, try using another browser or device.
registered user
Abel ZaharaJan 12, 2024
Dang 31/40 really need to improve my skill
registered user
Veejay MohanJan 07, 2024
40/40, woohoo!
registered user
Meysam AlizadehJan 11, 2024
36please please please remove or fade away the social networking icons "f" or "in" on the right side of the page. sometimes we click on them instead of text unintentionally during answeing or highlighting and it could waste our time and lose our concentration .Thanks a million
registered user
Mukul The OxfordJan 26, 2024
35/40, I should do better!
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