IELTS Reading Test 2 | 2017 Online Practice

Cambridge IELTS Computer-based Tests
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Text Highlight
Part 1 12345678910111213 Part 2 14151617181920212223242526 Part 3 2728293031323334353637383940
registered user
Maulana HamzahJan 05, 2024
More cool
registered user
Kamal KhatamiJan 07, 2024
It's a piece of cake
registered user
Asu SourghaliFeb 08, 2024
There is a technical issue with highlighting tool . i dont exactly know what it is but sometimes all the essay or question part become highlited and i can not reverse it, i mean there is no option as a clear or something else, The situation is completely different from highlight tool, the whole page is becoming yellow and i cannot even sea to read the review part. I hope you could solve the problem.
Maybe something went wrong with you. This may occur when the text highlighter is used incorrectly. To avoid such problems, you can simply select the text you want, then right-click on the selection and choose the Highlight option, and vice versa if you want to remove the highlight you can choose the Clear or Clear All option.
registered user
Zere SadykanovaJan 17, 2024
Too difficult
registered user
Patience OniFeb 12, 2024
Please, dear friends, share your strategies. I got only band 6,5
registered user
Sandi ShezaFeb 11, 2024
Got 30 correct, but some are more guessing than knowing exact answers. Any suggestions dear friends?
registered user
Funky PunkyFeb 03, 2024
Why there Isn't any H or I in the list of letters when you want to answer the questions???
Choose the correct person with the letter, A–G. The list of people is below the questions!
registered user
Zhafaat RahimiFeb 19, 2024
Still low result
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