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IELTS Related Topics

  • Most children begin their studies at 5 or 6 years old in pre-school, followed by kindergarten. After that comes primary/elementary school, which consists of first grade through fifth grade. Then there’s middle school – sixth grade through eighth grade – and high school, which is ninth grade through twelfth grade.
  • After high school, you apply to colleges/universities to see which ones will accept you. You send in/submit your application and then wait for the results. If you got good grades in high school, you might get / be awarded a scholarship to help pay the tuition (the cost of studying).
  • In college, you’ll take classes/courses on various subjects. You should always take notes as the teacher is giving the lecture. Some teachers may ask the students to give/make presentations or do research and write an essay, an assignment, a report, or a paper. After you hand in your work, the teacher will grade the assignment (give you an evaluation, for example, 90%) and give you feedback (comments on your work).
  • To evaluate your progress, you’ll take tests/exams. If you get the minimum number of points required, you’ve passed the test; if you don’t get the minimum number of points, you’ve failed the test. It’s also possible to pass/fail a course.
  • If the course proves to be too difficult, or if you don’t like it, you can withdraw from or drop the course.
  • Withdraw from” is the more formal expression, and “drop” is the more informal expression.
  • Most college students choose a major/concentration. To talk about a concentration of studies, you can
  • use “major” as a verb or a noun – for example,
    • I majored in biology” / “I was a biology major.”
    • My daughter is majoring in philosophy.” / “My daughter’s a philosophy major.”
  • When you graduate from college, you’ll get a diploma. Afterwards, you can say you have a degree in the area of your concentration. You can have a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctorate (Ph.D.), for example:
    • I have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.”
    • I have a master’s degree in linguistics.”
    • I have a Ph.D. in theology."



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