IELTS Writing Topics | Personality

IELTS Writing Topics | Personality
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  • Happiness means different things to different people.
  • It can be described as a feeling of pleasure or enjoyment.
  • People enjoy spending time with family and friends.
  • Hobbies, sports and games can be a source of fun and enjoyment.
  • Some people see money as a source of happiness.
  • Other people define happiness as something deeper.
  • In order to be truly happy it is necessary to live a good life.
  • We need to feel that we are doing something useful with our lives.
  • Some people get a sense of achievement from their work.
  • Others find happiness in bringing up their children.
  • Religion or a sense of purpose can also be a source of happiness.


  • People define success in different ways.
  • Some people get a sense of achievement from raising a family.
  • For others, success is defined by wealth or status.
  • We often think of rich and famous people as being successful in life.
  • Millionaires like Bill Gates are considered to be successful.
  • They have risen to the top in their chosen professions.
  • For some, being successful means achieving personal or professional goals.
  • They see success as the result of hard work.
  • Success in any field requires long-term planning and effort.

Nature or Nurture

  • Some people believe that our personalities are determined mainly by genetics.
  • We inherit our abilities and talents from our parents.
  • Others think that our education and upbringing are more important.
  • We develop according to the influences around us.
  • Our personalities and achievements depend more on nurture than nature.
  • Many people argue that we control our own destinies.
  • We can shape our own personalities.
  • By working hard we can achieve any goal that we put our minds to.
  • Many successful people are “self-made”.
  • We are not limited by our genetic characteristics or upbringing.
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