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IELTS Writing | Test Band Score

How the IELTS Writing Test is Scored?
  • IELTS Writing Test examiners give a separate grade for each of Task 1 and Task 2, using the "Band Descriptors" that are shown below.
  • They calculate the score for each Task by getting the average score of the following four items:
    • Task Achievement (for Task 1) or Task Response (for Task 2)
    • Coherence & Cohesion
    • Lexical Resource (= vocabulary) and,
    • Grammatical Range and Accuracy.
  • The examiners use a "Score Sheet" that blends the score for the Task 1 with the score for the Task 2 to give a final Writing Test score. On this score sheet, the Task 2 score is given more weighting than the Task 1 score.


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