IELTS Online Tests 2022

We provide tests and test questions that will help you become familiar with all the test modules. All tests include instant results, with a review of possible errors. You can also choose between using a timer or not, to measure your ability to finish parts of the test on time.

IELTS Computer-delivered Tests

We also offer test and test question simulations that are just like the official computer-based IELTS test - as an app for Windows, in two versions based on screen resolutions: 1280x1024 & 1024x768, so you can choose to download the version that fits your screen resolution.

The IELTS test simulation is divided into two parts. The first part includes full listening tests while the second part focuses on the types of questions included in the listening test. There are different types of questions in the IELTS Listening module, for example, multiple choice questions, matching questions, completion questions, short answer questions and map labelling questions.

IELTS test simulation contains full tests with answers, which gives the opportunity to review correct and wrong answers and then give the result with total marks and band score, based on official IELTS assessment criteria, to make new candidates aware of their actual level.

IELTS Reading Academic

Tests and Test Questions

The IELTS Academic Reading Test contains several types of questions that may give a positive or negative impression to the candidates taking the test. These types of questions vary among multiple choice, specifying information, completing notes, matching headings, matching sentence endings, summarizing, sentence completion, and flowchart completion.

All of these types are available for free practice. It is useful for candidates who want to improve their standards in certain types of questions, in other words, those who have some weaknesses in answering certain questions. In addition, the availability of complete tests with immediate results will have a noticeable impact on your level.

Unlike the IELTS Academic Reading and Listening tests, the IELTS Academic Writing Test contains two main types of questions. First, Task 1 includes a report based on static or dynamic tables, charts, and graphs, and takes about a third of the total testing time. The second type of question is task 2 which focuses on compositions that discuss arguments for and against, compositions that present an opinion, compositions that discuss the causes of a problem and suggest solutions, and compositions that discuss advantages and disadvantages, and take about two-thirds of the test time. All of these types of questions are available to practice for free. In addition, IELTS writing tests include writing sample essays marked as a band 8 score as reviews of task 1/task 2.

IELTS Reading & Writing General Training

Tests and Test Questions

This part contains two main sections: the IELTS reading tests for general training and the IELTS writing tests for general training. For those who are planning to take the IELTS General Training test, it will be beneficial for them to rely on our simulations to ideally practice the question types as well as the full tests for these modules.

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