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You have to go to our youtube channel to watch the video in the link below.

IELTS Listening

2017 / 2018 / 2019 / 2020 / 2021 / 2022 / 2023
Online Practice EXACTLY like the real exam
listening tests - online practice
Cambridge IELTS 12

Listening Tests 2017

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4

Cambridge IELTS 13

Listening Tests 2018

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4

Cambridge IELTS 14

Listening Tests 2019

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4

Cambridge IELTS 15

Listening Tests 2020

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4

Cambridge IELTS 16

Listening Tests 2021

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4

Cambridge IELTS 17

Listening Tests 2022

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4

Cambridge IELTS 18

Listening Tests 2023

Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4

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Milad NimafarNov 27, 2023
I have taken these tests about 1000 times, i addicted to it now and i'm doing it on daily basis
IELTS Test Simulation
Our pleasure. Good luck.
AsadbekNov 25, 2023
Thank you for this incredile chanel
KusmaNov 23, 2023
I want to ask, is it true that these questions in your website is from real cambridge ielts book?
IELTS Test Simulation
ParniaNov 21, 2023
After watching youtube video to open the exam 18, when I clicked on the link in discription it took me back right here!
IELTS Test Simulation
Try using another browser or device.
NinaNov 19, 2023
Why i can not practice tests of cambridge 18 ? It asks me to follow a link on youtube, i did but again that error has shown.
IELTS Test Simulation
You must click on the link below the video in our channel on Youtube.
MahsaNov 14, 2023
Fristly, thanks alot for your fantastic and helpful website,I have a question, you provide cambridges 12,13...18 which have 16 tets , while every cambridge has 4 test ? So, what is the resources of rest of tests?
Masoud Nov 09, 2023
Thanks a million for your excellent website.
IELTS Test Simulation
Our pleasure.
ANSWERNov 05, 2023
How can i end the answers in part 1
PooyanNov 03, 2023
For those who want to do the 2023 tests and dont' have VPN on computer. Open the Youtube link with your phone using your phone's VPN then copy the link from there and E-mail it to your PC.
PearlyoOct 26, 2023
Thanks for your great work to this excellent simulator! Few differences between the actual exam system.
IELTS Test Simulation
You're welcome.
ZilolaOct 25, 2023
IELTS Test Simulation
Our pleasure.
XiewOct 25, 2023
Why do 18 tests go to YouTube?
MohammadOct 23, 2023
HiIs it possible to enhance or change IELTS 2019 and 2020 listening voices? I believe there is a noise on them. I can not continuously concentrate on it. it is kind of annoying.After all thanks for your effort in creating such a useful site
XiadanyOct 22, 2023
Hello, I can´t see my score. I´m using firefox. Please, help
AmirOct 16, 2023
Thanks for your useful website. When will you add the 2023 tests?
SepideOct 15, 2023
Thanks for your supportting us do you have writting task2 test ?
BaharOct 14, 2023
Thank you so much for providing this fantastic website.
IELTS Test Simulation
You're welcome.
AMOct 13, 2023
Thank you for providing this amazing website. It would be wonderful if you could add IELTS 1_14. It really helps.
NadaOct 11, 2023
Thank you for this great website. How can we access to the recordings' fils?
ArtemisOct 08, 2023
Your website is really great! I wish I could save my results after take the exam for ofline mode. When I saved the test, some questions vanished such as fill in blank questions. would you please solve the problem?Thanks a lot.
IELTS Test Simulation
Hi Artemis. You cannot keep your answers offline or even after you leave the test. You can only review your answers, when you submit them and get your score.
SamanehSep 29, 2023
Hi, I had highlighted some words in part 4, but all of a sudden they all disappeard when I was going to highlight the last one. Is this going to happen at the real exam? What should I do to avoid this?
IELTS Test Simulation
Hi Samaneh. Maybe something went wrong, but you can simply select the text and then right-click on it and choose the Highlight option, and vice versa if you want to clear the highlight, but this time you will choose the Clear or Clear All option. Of course, in the real test the error rate is low, so don't panic. Good Luck.
AsldkclakSep 30, 2023
Hi i have a question: these listening practice tests are the tests that were in the actual previous exams right? then why is the mock tests sent by ielts after registration much harder
IELTS Test Simulation
The level of difficulty varies from one test to another, but the most important thing is that these are official tests from Cambridge.
SudarshanSep 30, 2023
AMIRBEKSep 29, 2023
Your webside is very helpfull but one complaint after showing result of the listenin didn't show the score
SepidehSep 26, 2023
For example, I did all tests in cambridge 17, but I can not see some of the scores. what is the problem? I mean the grades have disappeared.
SepidehSep 26, 2023
Hi, why did some of my scores disappear?
IELTS Test Simulation
Hi Sepideh. Actually, we don't know why you can't see some of your scores. We checked your scores and found that everything is fine. However, if you can't see some of your scores after submitting answers, you can see the score for the previous test when you move to the next test at the top left of the page.
SimaSep 23, 2023
I am wondering, the way we doing highlighting in the reading skill in this page is it same way that we will doing in IELTS exam?? :)
IELTS Test Simulation
HaniSep 22, 2023
In Iran YouTube is banned, we have no access to 2023 tests :(
IELTS Test Simulation
You're right, Hani. You can use a VPN to access YouTube and access our channel.
HasanSep 21, 2023
Your website is realy helpful and also so effective.Thanks for this graet aids.
IELTS Test Simulation
Thank you Hasan. You're welcome.
AkramSep 20, 2023
Thanks for your website, is it possible to access listining by google ?
IELTS Test Simulation
You're welcome. Sure.
Sepideh Sep 20, 2023
Please add the other gerneral readings too!
ShirinSep 17, 2023
Thanks for your excellent site.Is there any option to change the speed of the listening voice?
IELTS Test Simulation
Thanks, Shirin. No, this option is not available.
MarySep 16, 2023
Great website,wish you would have uploaded ielts 10,11 as well .
IELTS Test Simulation
Thanks, Mary. We'll do our best.
AliSep 15, 2023
I just found your website. It's amazing. I can not thank you enough
IELTS Test Simulation
Thanks Ali. You're welcome.
MitraSep 13, 2023
Thank you very much for your amazing website! It has helped me considerably!
IELTS Test Simulation
Thank you Mitra. You're welcome.
John Sep 12, 2023
Hi, your website is a massive support for my practice. It went down for hours today, please don't give up. I appreciate your service. thanks a lot john maquary.
IELTS Test Simulation
Thanks John. In fact, excessive use of tests causes the server to stop responding. Therefore, we do our best to make the website work properly all the time.
Navid Fasahati Sep 12, 2023
HELLO I wanna ask about the highlighter wich is not good at all just because of this matter: when we highlight new line the previous line just disappears
IELTS Test Simulation
Hi Navid. To be clear, you must first select the text you want to highlight, then right-click and choose the highlight option, then the text will be highlighted, and vice versa, if you want to clear the highlight, just right-click on the highlighted text and choose the Clear or Clear All option, that's it. Let us know if there are other problems you're experiencing.
AmirSep 11, 2023
Please add other books and lots of practices for different question typesand another important improvement is to make accessible the whole test not in the separate skills.
IELTS Test Simulation
Play button at the top of the page, you can click it again to pause, then click it again to play.
AmirhosseinSep 02, 2023
Hey there. First thank you for bringing us this FREE website!Just a question, Are these Cambridge books tests? If they are, would you specify which are which?
IELTS Test Simulation
Thanks, Amirhossein. Good news! We have named all the tests, and everything is clear now.
FouziyehSep 02, 2023
I love your attempt to get help us as a person who keens the best life ☘
IELTS Test Simulation
Thank you, Fouziyeh ☘, for your wonderful and motivating words. We wish you all the best.
HosseinSep 02, 2023
Hi and thank you for your website. I wonder why you have not specified the module of the tests. If these tests exactly the same as Cambridge books, please specify the tests come from which book and part.Thanks a lot.
MANIZHSep 01, 2023
Hi how can i get my score
IELTS Test Simulation
After you submit your answers, your score appears. Or when you move to the next test, you will find all the scores of the previous tests for the same year. If you can't see your score either way, try using another browser or device.
FaezeSep 01, 2023
Hi thank you so much! I want to know if your online tests are exactly the Cambridge tests.
IELTS Test Simulation
Thank you Faeze. Of course, all tests on our website are the original Cambridge exams.
KosarAug 31, 2023
I have no idea how i can get my score?
IELTS Test Simulation
Hi kosar. After submitting your answers, your score will be displayed. You can also see your test result with the band score when you move to the next test, where you will find all your scores on the tests you took. If you can't see your score either way, try using another browser or device.
DastanAug 25, 2023
I'd like to kick off by telling you about this service. This service is extremely useful and I bumped into this a two weeks ago and my results was risen up significantly, but let me point out that we need more practice multiple-choices and Completion. Could you add more these, pleaseee?
IELTS Test Simulation
Thank you, Dastan. Good news that you're making progress. We wish you good luck.
Tajmil Aug 22, 2023
Seems like cambridge academic tests. If i am right please mention the Test and module numbers
SaraAug 19, 2023
Hi!Thanks for your fantastic tool!It can be better to have a personal account to track our scores.
IELTS Test Simulation
Thank you, Sara. Of course, your results are kept for tracking test results. When you go to next test you will see your previous test result along with your band score. Good luck.
MariaAug 15, 2023
Hello! I have troubles with the Listening practice tests here. How can I turn on the soundtrack? The website says that the audio is playing, but there is no sound while the volume on my device is set to maximum level. Should I click some button, perhaps? Thank you for help in advance
IELTS Test Simulation
Hi Maria. We've checked all of our listening tests and found them all to work fine. No need to click any buttons, the audio starts automatically when the test starts.Try using another browser or device.
LpAug 15, 2023
I want more tests from this site, when will them be available? 4 tests in 2023 are not enough for me
AngieAug 07, 2023
This is great, when will 2023 exams will be ready?
IELTS Test Simulation
Thank you, Angie. Listening exams for 2023 are already available and ready. Go ahead.
MeganAug 04, 2023
Awesome simulator !! Thank you so much !!
IELTS Test Simulation
MengxuanMar 19, 2023
VANESSAMar 23, 2023
I want to see the right answer
IELTS Test Simulation
You have to take the test and then submit your answers to find out the right and wrong answers.
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