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IELTS Listening Test 2 | 2021 Online Practice

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PART 1 Questions 1-10
Questions 1 - 10
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER in each gap.
  • The course focuses on skills and safety.
  • Charlie would be placed in Level 5.
  • First of all, children at this level are taken to practise in a .
  • Instructors
  • Instructors wear shirts.
  • A is required and training is given.
  • Classes
  • The size of the classes is limited.
  • There are quiet times during the morning for a or a game.
  • Classes are held even if there is .
  • What to bring
  • a change of clothing
  • a
  • shoes (not sandals)
  • Charlie's
  • Day 1
  • Charlie should arrive at 9.20 am on the first day.
  • Before the class, his will be checked.
  • He should then go to the to meet his class instructor.
  • Cost
  • The course costs $ per week.
PART 2 Questions 11-20
Questions 11 - 12
Choose TWO correct answers.
According to Megan, what are the TWO main advantages of working in the agriculture and horticulture sectors?
Questions 13 - 14
Choose TWO correct answers.
Which TWO of the following are likely to be disadvantages for people working outdoors?
Questions 15 - 20
What information does Megan give about each of the following job opportunities?
Choose the correct letter, A–H.
A not a permanent job
B involves leading a team
C experience not essential
D intensive work but also fun
E chance to earn more through overtime
F chance for rapid promotion
G accommodation available
H local travel involved
Job opportunities
Fresh food commercial manager
Fresh produce buyer
Garden centre sales manager
Tree technician
Farm worker
PART 3 Questions 21-30
Questions 21 - 22
Choose TWO correct answers.
Which TWO points does Adam make about his experiment on artificial sweeteners?
Questions 23 - 24
Choose TWO correct answers.
Which TWO problems did Rosie have when measuring the fat content of nuts?
Questions 25 - 30
Choose the correct answer.
25 Adam suggests that restaurants could reduce obesity if their menus
26 The students agree that food manufacturers deliberately
27 What does Rosie say about levels of exercise in England?
28 Adam refers to the location and width of stairs in a train station to illustrate
29 What do the students agree about including reference to exercise in their presentation?
30 What are the students going to do next for their presentation?
PART 4 Questions 31-40
Questions 31 - 40
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD ONLY in each gap.
Hand knitting
  • Interest in knitting
  • Knitting has a long history around the world.
  • We imagine someone like a knitting.
  • A ago, knitting was expected to disappear.
  • The number of knitting classes is now increasing.
  • People are buying more for knitting nowadays.
  • Benefits of knitting
  • gives support in times of difficulty
  • requires only skills and little money to start
  • reduces stress in a busy life
  • Early knitting
  • The origins are not known.
  • Findings show early knitted items to be in shape.
  • The first needles were made of natural materials such as wood and .
  • Early yarns felt to touch.
  • Wool became the most popular yarn for spinning.
  • Geographical areas had their own of knitting.
  • Everyday tasks like looking after were done while knitting.
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NasimDec 02, 2023
Muntasir momaniNov 21, 2023
PAULINE Nov 06, 2023
MobinaOct 25, 2023
So helpful
LukaOct 18, 2023
I think there is a mistake in part 3 questions 21-22the boy certainly states that the project was hard to set up, yet the corresponding answer is considered as a mistakelater, the girl asks if the most people were able to tell the difference and he answers yes, however answers that says "most people were unaware" is considered as correct
IELTS Test Simulation
Hi Luka. We don't think there is anything wrong. The correct answers to questions 21/22 are C/D in the official Cambridge answer key. You can also check the audioscript of Part 3.
SaharSep 21, 2023
Thank you so much for your perfect websitegood luck
IELTS Test Simulation
Thanks Sahar. You're welcome.
FarzadAug 13, 2023
Realy helpful, thanks again
VershaSep 28, 2022
Hi,Thank you for such a useful resource for IELTS practice!Can you please guide why the answer to question 10 stands wrong; I wrote $199 instead of 199. I understand that the instruction says to write either one word or number, but does this also mean we cannot write the currency symbol?Regards,
IELTS Test Simulation
Thank you, Versha. Of course you are absolutely right that $199 is a correct answer if a dollar sign is NOT written in the text, but the original text contains the dollar sign which was inadvertently omitted from the posted text, that's why your answer is marked as incorrect. Thus, you deserve ONE mark for this, your score is now 37 instead of 36 out of 40 which is great. Good luck.
PriskaJan 28, 2023
SajidDec 17, 2022
Paola GutierrezDec 05, 2022
Thank u
TanyaNov 20, 2022
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