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Writing GT Task 1: Writing a short letter for a specific purpose

  • In Task 1 in the General Training Writing test, you are asked to write a letter, where you demonstrate your ability to communicate using English letter-writing conventions.
  • You will be given a common, everyday situation such as writing to apologise for missing a friend’s party, or complaining to a company about bad service, writing to give advice to a friend about where to go on holiday, or writing to express your interest in a new job.
  • In addition to being given the situation, three bullet points will outline exactly what information you need to include in your letter. You might, for example, have to describe details, give reasons, express likes and dislikes, or make suggestions or recommendations.
  • You will need use the correct tone in your letter. Tone is the way you communicate with people showing the kind of relationship you have with them. In letters, the tone you use is clearly indicated by a proper salutation and closing and it should also be conveyed by your choice of words or phrasing.
  • Letters are usually written in a formal or informal tone. Generally, if the letter is to friends, people you know well, or family, and the reason for writing is positive, the tone is informal. Letters to everyone else and for all complaints or negative messages, should be more formal.

The writing task 1 of the General module of IELTS is letter writing

  • Candidates will be allotted 20 minutes to complete the task and the minimum word count is 150. It comprises 33% of your writing scores. Marking criteria is as follows:
  • Task achievement – 25%
  • Coherence and cohesion – 25%
  • Vocabulary – 25%
  • Grammar – 25%

Types of letters

  • Letters can be categorized into three main types. They are:
  • Semi-formal
  • Informal

Where to use contractions?

  • You can use contractions like “I’ll come” in informal and semi formal types of letters. It should be avoided in formal letters where you will have to use “I will come”.

Plan how to write your letter

  • First of all, identify the type of the letter.
  • Read the instructions carefully so that you address all parts of the question.
  • Decide how to greet.
  • Decide on the language to be used based on the type of the letter.
  • Decide the sign-off for the letter.
  • Decide on what content to write for each of the body paragraphs.

Writing GT Task 1
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