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IELTS Listening Computer-delivered Completion Simulation

We provide test and test question simulations that are just like the official computer-based IELTS test – Exclusively available on IELTStestsimulation.com – as an app for Windows, in two versions based on screen resolutions: 1280x1024 & 1024x768, so you can choose to download the version that fits your screen resolution.

Completion Question Type:

  • There are a few things you would have to keep in mind while you’re answering IELTS Listening sentence completion questions:
  • Read the question before you start in order to understand what you should be listening for.
  • Try to guess what would come in the blank. It could be a place, a number, year, name or even a specific range of information (such as seasons, climatic conditions)
  • The words in the question need not necessarily be the same words you hear in the audio recordings, learn to tune yourself to synonyms of the words in the question.
  • Though the questions might be phrased differently from the recordings, the answers should be the exact words you hear in the audio.
  • Remember to check the word count (paper-based test), spelling and grammar.

Completion Simulation Download
Screen resolution: 1280*1024 for Windows System
Screen resolution: 1024*768 for Windows System


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