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IELTS Collocations

do work

to put effort into a task or a job
do your best

to try as hard as you can to achieve something
do your duty

do what you should do at work, at home, or for your community; do something that you feel you have to do because it is your moral or legal responsibility
do exercises

do physical activity to make your body strong and healthy.
do homework

to do work that is given by teachers for students to do at home.
do a favour

to do something to help someone as an act of kindness.
do market research

the activity of gathering information about target markets, consumers' needs and preferences.
do a job-share

a situation in which two or more part-time workers share equal parts of the same work.
do an essay/an assignment

to write an essay/assignment.
do/carry out/conduct research/a research project

to make a detailed study of something in order to discover new information or new facts.
do/give/take a lecture

to teach a group of people about a particular subject, especially at a college or university.
do/sit/take an exam

take an exam
do/study for/take a degree/a diploma

to study to obtain a qualification after completing a university or college course.
do/take a course

to enroll in a course.
do/try one's best

to do or perform as well as you can.
do sb's duty

do what someone should do at work, at home, or for the community
do up a property

to repair or decorate an old building so that it is in a better condition.
do up an old house

to repair, paint, and improve an old house.
do-it-yourself book

a book that is designed to be done by an amateur at home or as a hobby.
doesn't matter

never mind.
domestic flights

a flight that begins and ends inside a country.
don't care/mind

to not be concerned about something; it doesn't matter to someone.
donate money to

to give money to an organization, especially to a school, hospital, or charity.
dramatic setting

a set of surroundings which is exciting and impressive.
draw to a close

to come to an end/ to finish; to end.
dream home

a home that is the best you can imagine.
dress up to the nines

to put on extremely fashionable or formal clothes for a special occasion.
drive sb crazy/insane/mad

to make somebody feel very annoyed or upset; to irritate someone.
droopy moustache

moustache that is long and hanging down heavily.
drop the subject = drop it

to stop talking about something, especially because it is annoying or upsetting.



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