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IELTS Phrasal Verbs

bring up
If you bring up a child, you look after it until it is grown up and you try to give it particular beliefs.
let in
If you let someone in, you allow them to come into a place, usually by opening the door for them.
light up
To light something up means to shine light on or in it, so that it is bright and easy to see.
look for
If you look for something or someone, you try to find them.
pick up
If you pick something or someone up, you lift them up from a surface.
put back
If you put something back somewhere, you put it in the place it was in before it was moved.
put down
If you put down someone or something that you are holding or carrying, you put them on the floor or on a table, bed, etc.
put in
If you put something in or put one thing in another, you put one thing inside another thing. I need to put a new battery in.
put together
If you put together an object or its parts, you join its parts to each other so that it can be used.
put up
If you put something up, you move it to a higher position.
take away
If you take something away from a place or position, you remove it from a place and put it somewhere else.
take back
When you take something back, you take it to the place where you were before or where it was before.
take into
If you take someone or something into a place, you go with them there.
throw at
If you throw an object at someone or something, you try to hit them with the object by throwing it.
throw away
If you throw something away, you get rid of it because you no longer want or need it.
throw in
If you throw something in or throw it in something, you casually put or drop it into something such as a container or mixture.
throw out
If you throw out something, you throw it so that it moves quickly away from you.
turn back
If you turn back or are turned back, you stop a journey and return towards the place you started from.
turn off
If you turn off a device or machine, you make it stop working using its controls. If it turns off, it stops working.
turn on
If you turn a device or machine on, you make it start working using its controls. If it turns on, it starts working.

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