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Questions 31 – 40
Complete the notes. Write ONE WORD ONLY in each gap.
  • Studying geography helps us to understand:
  • the effects of different processes on the of the Earth
  • the dynamic between and population
  • Two main branches of study:
  • physical features
  • human lifestyles and their
  • Specific study areas: biophysical, topographic, political, social, economic, historical and geography, and also cartography
  • Key point: geography helps us to understand our surroundings and the associated
  • What do geographers do?
  • find data – e.g. conduct censuses, collect information in the form of using computer and satellite technology
  • analyse data – identify , e.g. cause and effect
  • publish findings in form of:
  • a) maps
    1. – easy to carry
      – can show physical features of large and small areas
      – BUT a two-dimensional map will always have some
  • b) aerial photos
    1. – can show vegetation problems, density, ocean floor etc.
  • c) Landsat pictures sent to receiving stations
    1. – used for monitoring conditions etc.

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