IELTS Listening - Multiple Choice 3 | Online Practice

Cambridge IELTS Computer-based Tests
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MultipleChoice-3 Audioscript
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Questions 21 - 30
Choose the correct answer.
Course Feedback
21 One reason why Spiros felt happy about his marketing presentation was that
22 What surprised Hiroko about the other students' presentations?
23 After she gave her presentation, Hiroko felt
24 How does Spires feel about his performance in tutorials?
25 Why can the other students participate so easily in discussions?
26 Why is Hiroko feeling more positive about tutorials now?
27 To help her understand lectures, Hiroko
28 What does Spires think of his reading skills?
29 What is Hiroko's subject area?
30 Hiroko thinks that in the reading classes the students should
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