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  • I experienced a roller coaster of emotions when my son was born (many different emotions one after another). During my wife’s pregnancy, I was ridiculously excited about the prospect of becoming a dad. On the big day, I’d imagined that everything would go smoothly and we’d be blissfully happy – but there were complications during the delivery and my wife had to have emergency surgery while I waited in the reception area, worried sick (very worried).
  • As time went by, I got increasingly anxious because the doctors weren’t telling me anything. After two hours I was seething with anger (ready to explode with anger), and I shouted at one of the nurses. Then the security guards came and escorted me out of the hospital.
  • My wife was visibly disappointed (it was obvious that she was disappointed) that I wasn’t by her side when she woke up from surgery. She didn’t say anything – she’s not really one to show her feelings; she prefers to bottle up her emotions (keep her emotions hidden inside her) – but I knew I had let her down and I was terribly sorry that I had lost my temper (lost control and shown anger).
  • The months that followed were tough. My wife became deeply depressed, and I too was an emotional wreck (a person who is very sad, confused, and upset) as I tried to juggle the demands of work and family life. But now things are starting to turn around – I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the all help we’ve gotten from our friends and neighbors.
  • I’m just immensely grateful that my wife and son are healthy, and sometimes I’m overwhelmed with emotion as I reflect on how lucky we are (when emotion is so strong that it’s difficult to think or speak).
Useful Collocations

a roller coaster of emotions: many different emotions one after another
worried sick : very worried
seething with anger: ready to explode with anger
visibly disappointed : it was obvious that she was disappointed
bottle up her emotions: keep her emotions hidden inside her
lost my temper : lost control and shown anger
deeply depressed : very sad, confused, and upset
overwhelmed with emotion: when emotion is so strong that it’s difficult to think or speak



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