IELTS Writing Task 1 | A public park (2 Plans)

Task 1 | Essay 12
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The plans below show a public park when it first opened in 1920 and the same park today.
  • Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
IELTS Writing Task 1 - Diagram Essay

How to answer this essay?
  • Introduce the plans.
  • Write what do they illustrate.
  • Note the changes that occurred.
  • Look attentively at the plans and note what was modified and what remained unchanged.
  • Describe each element of the plan in a separate paragraph.
  • Tell about each element (rose garden, fountain, glasshouse etc) and its alteration.
  • Give a general overview.
  • Write in brief about the changes.
Model Answer | Marked as Band 8
Cohesive connecting words that improve coherence in writing . Useful less common words that boost fluency in writing .
  • Grange Park was opened in 1920, a rectangular area with access from Arnold Avenue on the north side and from Eldon Street on the south side. There was a fountain in the centre, with a stage for musicians situated centre left, a glasshouse to the right of the Eldon Street entrance and a pond for water plants in the north east corner opposite. Around the edges of the park there were rose gardens, with seats nearby for people to smell the flowers and listen to music.
  • The park has altered considerably since then. Now there is one big rose garden, occupying the central area where the fountain stood, and with seats all around it. One of the smaller rose gardens remains on the north side of the park. The bandstand (stage for musicians) has also been replaced, by an amphitheatre for concerts and associated seating. The glasshouse has gone and in its places is a water feature; similarly, where the pond for water plants stood there is now a children's play area with a café nearby. Access to the park is still via the two original entrances, but there is now a third entrance near the water feature from an underground car park.
  • Despite the apparently significant changes, the park retains the basic elements of flowers, water, seating and music, with the addition of a café and a children's play area.
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